Circling back where it all began.

Because putting it all in motion is the key to RAP's success.

After Purpose, Strategy, Culture, and Leaders, you will work with RAP advisors to prepare and present an integrated plan to execute on all of these drivers.

Our framework.

Returning to basecamp is all about the holistic view. A full-day session at Rallyday's offices, Return to Basecamp begins with your team's presentation of a drafted execution plan across all elements of the accelerator program.

Over the course of the day, our partners and your program faculty will work with you to pressure-test this plan, ensuring that it is optimally sequenced, resourced, and prioritized. At the end of the day, we will emerge with a plan, a consensus, and a commitment from all parties -- Rallyday included.

This six month journey encapsulates the learnings from our own journeys. It is threaded with the things our founders did, and wish they had done, in the early days of building their businesses -- and the guidance they wish they'd had. RAP will give you alignment on fundamental topics that delivers systematic, simple, and enduring impact to your enterprise.