Built by founders, for founders.


Introduction to our partnership

Rallyday Partners is an investment partnership, created for founders, by founders, that supports great companies with audacious leaders and big dreams. Applying our entrepreneurial DNA, we built our organization around you - not us.

Our aim is simple: we want to help you achieve your full potential, become the leader in your sector, and dramatically grow the value of your enterprise. We begin doing all of these with our Rallyday Accelerator Program.

What is RAP?

The Rallyday Accelerator Program (RAP) distills 80 years of collective experience into a six-month journey designed to help you get there. Like summiting an epic peak, this journey begins and ends at Basecamp, where we will define, and then ultimately return to, our broadest hopes and dreams for the enterprise.

Three guiding principles, one simple system.

Our relationship with you is fueled by one core concept: to add value, our partners must provide you with simple, systematic, and enduring guidance. As you progress through RAP, our team will share the tools and approaches that help us align, accelerate, and enhance the drivers of enterprise value.

5 Driver System

The 5 Driver System is the backbone of our accelerator program. These five business disciplines are an interdependent system. What happens in one affects all the others. During the accelerator program, our focus is on purpose, strategy, culture, and leaders. This allows you and us to renew and sharpen our approach to your company’s foundational priorities.

Every company is a reflection of its leadership. While many firms see a leader’s role as exclusively creating enterprise value, we see leaders differently. We believe it’s equally important for leaders to create value for their people -- if not more so.