Our purpose is to help you fulfill yours.

We help organizations discover, articulate and bring to life their deeper Purpose in the world.

Companies with a purpose are motivated by the idea of making a positive difference in the lives of the people they serve.

Module Overview

Discovering the Core Values that define and shape your culture and the Core Purpose that captures the difference your organization makes in the world, this is the place to start.

We’ll do a deep-dive into the heart of your organization and unearth the strengths, passions and ultimate Purpose behind all that you do. We’ll include all of your stakeholders in the journey to ensure that the final recommendations are authentic and meaningful to everyone involved with the organization.

At the end of our exploration, you will walk away with a set of heartfelt core values that will serve as the foundation for culture and an inspiring purpose statement that will become the North Star uniting and guiding everyone in your organization.

Advisor Introduction

Haley Rushing is the Chief Purposologist and co-founder of The Purpose Institute. As Chief Purposologist, Haley has personally led the charge to discover and bring to life the values and purpose for some of the most purpose-driven organizations in the world: The American Red Cross, Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods Market, Interstate Batteries, IMG Academy, and many more. When she’s not actively unearthing the deeper Purpose and core Values of her clients, she’s passionate about doing her part to promote Conscious Capitalism and can frequently be found leading practicums on Discovering and Living your Purpose at Conscious Capitalism events around the country. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Haley holds a B.A. in cultural anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and studied alternative dispute resolution at The Wharton School of Business. She resides in Austin, TX with her twin daughters (India & Ziggy) and her twin Maltese’s (Lily and Champion-of-All-Ruler-of-the-Seven-Seas).


Organizational Alignment: Purpose ensures that everyone in an organization – no matter how big or complex – is singing off the same song sheet. Innovation Driver: When people’s hearts and minds are committed to a Purpose, there is no stopping their natural desire to find ever more meaningful and innovative ways to fulfill it. Disciplined Cultures: Purpose driven organizations tend to have values-based cultures built on love and commitment to shared Purpose. They often become legendary as great places to work.

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Rallyday believes that companies with an elevated sense of purpose are motivated by the idea of making a positive difference in the lives of the stakeholders they serve.