The lifeblood of your business.

Because culture fuels the fires of both leadership and strategy.

Culture directs a team like character directs a person; it filters every decision and guides every action.

Our culture framework.

The biggest mistake a business can make in culture is to separate it from business performance and results. Culture is not a concept. It has a concrete purpose: to drive the behavior that wins. During RAP, we work together to convert your culture into a playbook of real beliefs that drive real behaviors that produce real results. The final product is as relevant and valuable to each person on the team as it is to the performance of the company. This BBO -- beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes -- becomes the foundation of your company's culture. Every BBO is different; here's ours.

Rallyday Partners' BBO

The quality of your culture determines the quality of your execution.

Advisor Introduction

Brian Kight

Brian Kight is an entrepreneur, global keynote speaker, advisor to the Fortune 500, high-growth businesses, pro and college sports teams. He has spent the last 15 years serving clients to create leadership, build culture, and align behavior to produce results. His ability to help people understand and execute simple skills with elite discipline, both personally and professionally, is what makes his message so practical and powerful. Brian simplifies the complex so you can focus on doing what works for you.

Module Overview

Our approach to culture

Mark Hopkins, Managing Partner

Founder and CEO, Peak Industries

Board member, Blackstone Entreprenuer Network


Outcomes of culture module

After completing this work, you will be armed with:

A customized culture playbook designed to attract talent, align people, navigate change, and execute to win. A clear understanding and insight into how culture interacts with and affects each core component of the business. Expectations for your role in leading culture and everyone’s role in building culture.

Cindy Jordan

Founder and CEO, Pyx Health

With the cultural imperatives for growth in place, we shift our focus to the skills needed to lead our vision.