It starts with you.

Because leaders create culture, which creates behaviors, which create results that win.

Leaders take people to places they would have been unwilling or unable to go alone.

Our leadership system.

Leadership is the intersection of relationships and results. As people develop confidence in themselves, their leaders, their teammates, and the business, the capacity to deliver performance grows exponentially. With our intuitively profound leadership system, we ensure these elements work together to produce relationships that move people and ignite elite levels of performance.

Leadership is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the courageous. The best leaders know: leadership is simultaneously one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences of your life.

Module Overview

Our approach to leadership

Ryan Heckman, Managing Partner

Founder and CEO, EVP Eyecare

Chairman, CiviCO

Board member, University of Denver

Two-time Olympian

Outcomes of leadership module

After completing this work, you will be armed with:

A shared language and understanding of what it takes to lead extraordinary people and an exceptional organization. The mindset and skill set at the heart of leadership: how to take responsibility for things you don’t control. A personalized roadmap to develop confidence in your team and deliver performance through your team.

With this clear approach to leadership, we return to Basecamp where we will review our journey holistically and stack hands to get the work done.