Defining it, and getting it done.

Because it’s not just about what we do — it’s about what we don’t do.

Designing a strategy with execution in mind isn't just best practice at Rallyday -- it's assumed.

Our strategy framework.

The path to industry leadership is not continuous and linear. There will be several critical junctures in your next few years, and strategic planning should be done with those firmly in mind.

At Rallyday, our goal is to prepare your company to go out and meet those moments ­­­­-- whether they are crucial product demos, customer conversations, or recapitalization events -- armed with the results, data, and narratives to control your own destiny.

To do that, we will build a strategic plan by defining the “tail feathers” we want to display to these cautious audiences, and plan backward from there to make those feathers real and powerful.

Advisor Introduction

George Olive

George Olive is a McKinsey alum, ex-COO, and Rhodes Scholar who helps shape the enterprise strategy of Rallyday companies. As a senior advisor to Transom Consulting Group on growth strategy, George counsels clients in CPG, financial services, manufacturing, and non-bank lending on achieving their next horizons of growth. He serves primarily mid- and small-cap companies. Previously, George served as the Chief Operating Officer of Everytable, a QSR chain focused on nutritional inequality, and as VP of Sales at DipJar, a fundraising platform for charities. George has an M.Phil. in Economic and Social History from Oxford University, and a B.A. in Economics from Columbia University.

Module Overview

Our approach to strategy

Nancy Phillips, Managing Partner

Founder and CEO, ViaWest

Chairman, Flexential

Chairman, NCWIT


A defined enterprise strategy: A clear, compelling, and simple articulation of why, where, and how we play to win… and how we don’t. A compelling set of tail feathers: A short, powerful list of capabilities and achievements we want to flaunt, based on your expertise, our founder experience, and George’s wisdom and guidance. An integrated implementation plan: An ambitious, load-balanced plan to implement our strategy and develop our tail feathers across the organization, built on a foundation of ownership and accountability.

When our strategy work is complete, it’s time build a culture to support the execution of our strategy.